Professional Medical Class LED Phototherapy Skin Rejuvenation Machine 6 Colors PDT LED Light Therapy Bio-light Photon Wrinkle Removal Equipment

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Six Colors Functions
Red 640nm+/-5nm
Red light can enhance the cells activity, promote cells metabolism, make skin excrete large number of collagen protein and fibre tissue to fill on their own,accelerate blood circulation, increase skin elasticiry.
Eczema withered and yewllowish skin, wrinkles, vitiligo etc. Accelerate blood circulation, activate skin tissues, repair damaged skin,tendering skin and dispel crinkles, tighten pore, and proliferate collagen protein.
Blue 480nm+/-5nm
Purest blue light have effect of restrain inflammation. Also has a calming effect and helps us sleep better.
Calm; Increase synthesizing of protein and collagen, Userful to sensitive,oilyskin and pimples.
Green 520nm+/-5nm
Stands for natural vigour and is the most calming color, symbolizing hope and satisfaction.Green is synonymous with spiritual balance and harmony. It can ease strain, relax and relieve stress.
Balance; Normalize sebaceous glands,reduce black heads and sores.
Purple 420+/-5nm
Restrain the desire to eat. Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory,it is a combination of red and blue.
Renew skin, reduce wrinkles,especially useful in treating and repairing acne and acne-scars.
Orange 590nm+/-5nm
Make use feel cheerful and generates the body, activating the cell tissue and metabolism.Enhance lymphatic detox therapy.
Detox; Whiten,decompose pigment,and smooth scars.
Yellow 570nm+/-5nm
Has a calming effect.It is a combination of blue and green.
Defense; Strengthen the abilit to protect of skin itself. Calm down, release stress, and cure sunburn.
Product Description
Light Therapy Machine
PDT Machine
Light Therapy Machine
PDT Machine
Light Therapy Machine
Light Therapy Machine
PDT Machine
Light Therapy Machine
Light Color
6 Colors
Led lamp quantity
PDT Wavelength
420nm - 660nm
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Packing & Delivery
Light Therapy Machine
Light Therapy Machine
Skin Rejuvenation Machine

PDT Machine, Light Therapy Machine, Skin Rejuvenation Machine, Wrinkle Removal Equipment

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